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“You’re Ready”

Omg what a delicious dream…

I had had dinner at a little bodega/restaurant on this day, and it had been packed full of people. I don’t remember if the food was any good, but I did discover, after a while of window shopping and site seeing, that I had left my wallet and keys on the table! I had been walking around for over a mile, empty handed and completely care free…with no money and no way of getting back home! When I realized how precarious my situation was, I turned and I sprinted with all my might back down the street. I was hoping that no one would of took my things, but I was sure they would be gone by the time I got back.

I finally reached the restaurant and as I was about to walk back inside, someone from behind me said “Hey. I’ve been waiting for you.” I turned and he was sitting down, smiling. I couldn’t see his face, only the fact that he had both my wallet and keys in his hands. As I was looking down, he stood and put both my possessions into my hands. I looked up into his eyes and it was over. He looked at me strangely as well. We know each other it seems, but neither of us know of the time and place we met. He stepped closer, into my personal space, and I let him. He picked me up, and no sooner had he done so, I found myself straddling him, my arms around his neck, eyes closed and hugging him closely to me. Apparently he was a street vendor, but he left his station without a second thought and walked down the street (people every where) with me wrapped around his body. He whispered words into my ear. that I don’t remember, but his voice calmed me and I felt only Peace. As he carried me, he continued his verbal serenade for quite some time before he stopped walking. I opened my eyes in time to catch him jump to sit upon some metal object, and at the same time he never put me down, and I never let go. I wasn’t afraid of falling or him dropping me because I knew him, trusted him, and didn’t know anything about him.

The entire time I had been hugging him, but now I released my hold from around his neck, sat back a little and looked into his eyes. He returned the glance and continued to speak to me. I was mesmerized. He started to unbutton my pants and I let him. Gently he slide his hand down into my panties. He brushed across my clit. The chill. Oh My God. My entire body became erect. He found my opening and pushed his fingers slightly inside of me. As I arched my back in ecstasy, he carefully pulled his hand back and held them up so I could see. My cum, silky and white, was all over his fingers. He said aloud, “You’re ready.” I looked innocently at his fingers and at the white fluid running down them. I followed the motion of his hand as he brought them to his already partly open mouth. Deliberately he ran each finger across his tongue, closed his mouth, swallowed and smiled. I stared at his mouth, in a daze. I looked at his lips smiling at me for some time before I looked back up into his eyes. And as I did so, he grabbed me and held me close to him again. He jumped down from the metal object. As I unlocked my legs from around him, he lowered me down to the ground. With one arm still around my waist (still looking into my eyes), he used the other to reach into his pocket. He took out a card and a pen. He released me and turned to write atop the metal object where we had both sat, locked together. When he turned back he placed the card into my hand.  He had wrote three phone numbers down on them. I looked back up at him, and there upon his lips was the most beautiful smile you ever wanted to see. I returned the smile in-kind and took everything into myself. When I was full of this, of him, I turned and walked away. I knew my life would be different now, I knew he would always be there, everything was as it should be.

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