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Your Beacon of Light

My truth is that we all walk around unconsciously sending out beacons of Light and Darkness. We’re unconscious of our sending and others are unconscious of receiving. But every person we meet is answering some call that we put out into the universe.

If you feel that you are worthless and unworthy? You will attract those who will treat you as such and take pleasure in it.

However if you send out the beacon that you are Love, worthy, blessed, beautiful and wealthy and you let this beacon of Light overshadow that Darkness? You will attract those who will treat you as if you are the most precious being they have ever encountered and it will be an honor to Love you.

For the longest time I wasn’t aware of this, for the longest time my beacon of Darkness would pull to me some of the must hurtful beings known to man. It happened so much I expected it. My solution is/was to hide. I thought I was hiding from “them” but all I am/was doing was hiding from myself. I thought this would be my life forever.

As a living witness, I tell you…IT IS NOT! Once you go into your Light within and do your shadow work to adjust your settings, you will attract less of the people you dont and more of the people who will mirror your grandest and highest self.

There is no place to hide, it will find you. 

When we’re ready…we must do the work.

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