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You Wait…

You wait for him to call
You wait for him to appear in the hall
You wait for him to catch you when you fall

You wait… but it isn’t real
He has your heart- it’s such a steal
If you were starving would he bring you a meal?
Doubtful, but if he were hungry- you’d cook a feast
An oblivious woman chained to a hungry beast
Ignoring those who fight for you to be released

You wait for him to mention love
You wait for him to be the hand from above
You wait for him to bring out your inner doves

You wait… is that your fate?
Will you open up your eyes before its too late?

How can you think love? What’s the debate?
Yesterday he was the type of person you’d hate
A foolish fish, swimming with a shark
As he torments your self-esteem, beauty goes dark

You wait for the hope of something
You wait for his heart to open and sing
You wait for dust ridden dreams of nothing


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