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You Can’t Experience Me in Your Dreams Either

I had a dream about a week ago, June 1st to be exact, that I was following behind Leo like a little puppy dog. I kept wanting to be with him but he kept avoiding me. So finally I saw him in this room and I walked in. His back? Against the wall. I was relieved that he had stopped running and I walked up to him and reached up to put my arms around his neck as to hug him. He immediately picked me up and put me down on this table. He spread my legs out and up and put his body on top of mines, and he looked at me with such intensity and power and said “I know what you want.” and before anything else could even happen the orgasms I began having jolted me out of my sleep. I had orgasms for about an hour after that dream. That would of been the first dream in which I had sex with Leo and it didn’t even happen because before he even entered me I started to orgasm compulsively. That man really has no idea of his sexual power or energy.

So fast forward to the dream I have today, and once again I am following behind Leo like a little puppy dog. But this time he ignores me for the entire dream and even gets so mad as to say to leave him alone period. I woke up heart broken because not only can I not have him in life, I can’t even experience him anymore in my dreams. I wish one day he would tell me what was so wrong to take his love away from me completely. If I knew, I promise it would be a lesson of a lifetime. I miss him so much and its been almost a month since we spoke but perhaps this time it’s really over. It’s just so unbelievable to me…unless he tells me…I’ll never understand it.

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