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You Can Beat…Overdraft Fees

Lol you can have them turn overdraft off so that if you don’t have the funds theyll send it back. The banks turn it on by default to make profit. And they hold your charges and let the biggest charge in first and let all the little ones bounce behind it. 1000 dollars in your account? They’ll let the 1050 charge go first, instead of letting the 90, 10, 5 and 25 go first which causes you to pay a Draft for all charges instead of 1. Should be criminal.

I have everything automated in my bills account and I remember I made a lapse in judgement and HonEE when I tell you they hit your girl UP!! Had well over a hundred dollars in over draft fees

Do yourself a favor, call your bank now and tell them to turn Overdraft Off. This way if there is no money to pay the bill, they’ll send it back. I have a Discover checking account and before they send it back they’ll notify me that I have a pending payment that will go into overdraft if I dont respond. Love Discover checking, I have about 3 checking accounts and only one is completely automated, so every now and again a strange charge will appear and throw off the flow but Discover makes sure I always win! And dont let me get in to the interest earned and the cashback bonuses each month…Wow.

Make the change!

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