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Ya’ll Taking this Consciousness Stuff Too Far

I am starting to suspect that most these so called self-proclaimed “conscious” brothers are in fact just out of their minds. They have such extreme opinions that it leaves them almost incapable of functioning in society let alone in relationships. I find it very disenchanting that they parade around using the words “Queen”, “Goddess” and “Wombman” but have no clue to what either of those words mean. Its all very disheartening. Everything and everyone is to blame for their societal, economical and personal issues instead of looking at self and making a change there. You can’t seek to change the world unless you first change yourself. Just hearing either of those 3 words from a “conscious” brother literally makes me cringe because only the real brothers I’ve met/encountered don’t even use the words, its just a given, you are royalty to me and I to you. The way you all use it and understand the word you just as well as call me a Quean, a Harlot or a Whore!

Not every woman lives royally. And after a little research, what woman would even want to be called a Goddess? Think about that one. Wombman…its just difficult to say. How about calling me by my play name, until you earn my respect and then maybe you call me by my given name when you can appreciate and value the sacredness of my feminine being.

Ooooh, almost forgot! Some of you brothers even have “conscious” arguments or Facebook beefs. WTF is that all about? There is no reason why two rational minded adults should be arguing and talking about folks mommas. WTH? What is really going on? I thought I would be surrounded by respectful men. Yet, I find myself reading a bunch of dysfunction parading as truth. I am just highly disappointed.

To all the non-perpetrating brothers out there that are secure in who you are…Namaste. To all you perpetrators, I hope ya’ll get hit by a MAC truck while you’re waiting in line at the local Burger King picking up your Triple Whopper with cheese, ADD bacon.


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  1. Asherah Amyas May 14, 2010 at 5:06 PM - Reply

    I decided not to post this on Facebook its written in emotion and I’m not about to massively offend people. That’s not me. I’m chilled.

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