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Words from an Awesome Father

I just have to post this because morale on this end is kind of low and I want to just share your words so that women have hope in finding a good man to care for their children and them.

Me: As we are bickering and arguing about how a father or husband should be on my FB board tonight, I stop and look at you and your family. And Aaron, I must say you are the finest example of a father I have seen and I’m not saying that to boast your ego, you know I hate that. I’m saying it because its true. You’re just such a caring father. And I just love how you treat and talk to them; like people, instead of “lil kids”. You’re just an awesome parent and your babies are a reflection of the beauty in that household. :-) Sending ya’ll mad love and peace…kissing all ya’ll on the forehead :-). You continue to keep your head up and your children within your focus. Do your thing King.

Aaron: Awww thank you my sweet priestess got me all misty eyed over here…but you know I cant take credit for what I’m supposed be doing . I’m just thankful to be blessed to know and be around such beautiful souls, as are most children before the earth has consumed or conformed them . As for the what a father should and should not be argument…I just ask that the world be patient with me and my brothers . As a universal family we have much to learn and unlearn. The important thing is that we stay together as family. I love you…Thank you.

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