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When You Wake Up Smiling…

You already know your day is going to go well. I dont know what happened to me but I feel so absolutely free and I can not wait to start the day. I had to say good bye to two men I absolutely LOVE and I feel better than Ive felt in a very long time. I am much more happier and I am remembering my dreams again. I need to start journaling them because I do remember them, however almost every night since I said good bye I have been vividly dreaming. My ancestors and guides and/or my higher self aren’t mad at me anymore lol. I was about to contact Tank to try and get our conversation log on my computer and my computer crashed lol. Its like NO you’re not going back, forget that conversation you’ll never have to remember what was said ever again and I let it go and my computer came back to me. Wow.

So this morning I smile because I am thankful for the now because what I build now will always bring a bright and prosperous future.

PS: I googled “little black girl smiling” and this photo just made me smile so big! I Love her little smile it says Im so happy and guess what I know something you dont know and it makes me feel even better lol.

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