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When Angels Appear: Part II

A Brand New World

People were always amazed by the child, her mother and father knew she was special…just a little bit different, but they never could figure out what about her made her so. Serena was very smart and aware of things way before she could even sit up. It was as if she came to the world already equipped with a divine knowledge that her parents didn’t have to teach her. When most babies were learning to crawl, Serena had already been crawling for five months! She would always crawl to her favorite spot, in front of a lotus flower that a stranger had given the family. She would sit in front of this flower and just stare at it for the longest time. During these times, if anyone tried to move her or pick her up she would cry until they placed her back in front of this flower. It was among the rare occasions that Serena did cry. Her mother was extremely concerned and was prepared to take her to the doctor out of fear that something was wrong with their child. To calm his wife, Serena’s father would always say, “Leave her to be. She is perfect.”


It didn’t help matters for Serena’s mother that their daughter had now turned two and she had not spoken a single word to them. No “da-da”, No “ma-ma”. Nothing. No words had she spoken, only a smile that would soothe many a hearts. No one could figure out the reason for it. Serena was extremely intelligent and acutely aware, able to ask for what she wanted and needed without speaking a word. If she wanted food, she would rub her tummy and her mother would feed her. If she was tired, she would yawn and her father would put her to bed. No words but her parents understood her perfectly. Another thing that her parents found quite odd was that they truly believed Serena could read. One day while feeding her, Serena’s mother was sad. Serena could feel her mother’s sadness and Serena stopped her suckling and sat up and pointed to a plaque on the wall. Her mother was too consumed to even realize that Serena had stopped her feeding and she used her finger to turn her mother’s head in the direction she wanted her to look. The plaque read, “You are Loved.”   Her mother was taken aback by not only the words her daughter had just made her read but the fact that Serena was even able to know what those words were or what they meant. She just stared at Serena in complete wonderment. She had read to Serena all the time while she was still in the womb and perhaps maybe that helped her to be able to recognize certain words. Perhaps, Serena had overheard her reading the plaque before and was able to comprehend what it meant? She was filled with questions and then all of a sudden Serena touched her face and immediately she was calmed. She looked down at her beautiful baby girl and thought, I am Loved. Serena smiled and went back to suckling.

The Story Begins Here...

When Angels Appear: Part I
When Angels Appear: Part I
Prologue Before Tracey closed her eyes, she thought about all the things that she wanted to do but wasn’t able to. So many people needed her and she felt she had failed...again. She felt a single tear fall from her right eye and stream down the side of her face. Finally she was ready. Almost as fast as she Continue Reading

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