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When Angels Appear: Part I



Before Tracey closed her eyes, she thought about all the things that she wanted to do but wasn’t able to. So many people needed her and she felt she had failed…again. She felt a single tear fall from her right eye and stream down the side of her face. Finally she was ready. Almost as fast as she could close her eyes, Tracey began to lose all sense of time and being. She didn’t fight it, she relaxed and let what was to be consume her.


The Beginning

Suddenly, Tracey stopped her playing, mostly swimming and kicking, oh boy did she love to swim and kick, and through the haze, she could see the same, strange, white glow ahead. Now, the light was much brighter and much more intense. What was so special about now? She sat for a bit and wondered about the “light” but now she would figure out what it was.

You are just as curious as a cat little girl.


The light was almost too much for her to bare and immediately Tracey started, what can only be called crying, and closed her eyes as tight as she could possibly get them. What in the world was going on? Why was it so bright…and noisy? It was too much for Tracey, she knew that her time in this world had ended. Through the darkness she felt herself being pushed, almost pulled, down towards this light. Something had a hold of her feet now and as much as Tracey resisted she could not help but be pulled into this new world, into this light.


Tracey it’s ok. Be peace. Remember who you are.

Suddenly, she didn’t feel alone anymore. And she stopped her crying, and let herself be taken into this new world.


The noise and the light was almost unbearable. Why was everything so much brighter here? Why is it so cold? Tracey shut her eyes and remembered what the voice told her. Although she wanted to cry, she remained still, only trying with all of her might to adjust to this new place. She felt crude objects going in and out of her mouth but she remained…peace. Just as Tracey was about to cry, she could hear that same beating sound she often times heard when she would play. Tracey never could swim that far to figure out what that sound was, but if it was possible she would have.


And then she heard a voice, she heard her voice.


“Hello my beautiful Serena, welcome to the world.”


Who is Serena? Is my name Serena? Tracey….no….Serena…didn’t care, that beautiful voice could call her anything she wanted to. Serena opened her eyes and looked upon the most beautiful face she had ever seen, Serena looked into the woman’s eyes, your mother’s eyes and she felt Love. She never wanted to part from her and if she had her way, she never would. In Serena’s eyes, there was no better place she wanted to be right now than in this woman’s arms. See Serena I told you there were more fun things than even swimming and kicking. Serena smiled. Everything was right with the world and Serena began to close her eyes, she was very tired.




You must teach the world unconditional Love Serena.


Serena thought to herself, “Everyone must know what this feels like. I have to share it with all the others.”

Serena closed her eyes. Now she could finally rest.

About this Story

I am so excited to find out how this story continues. I started writing it about a year ago and just started again today September 01, 2013. When Angels Appear will be one of the short stories in my children’s book “Love’s Reign” which will be published at the beginning of the year 2014.

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