What do you give your energy to and does it give you anything in return?

download…This is the question every single human being should ask themselves if they find themselves tirelessly giving and giving to some one or some thing and receive nothing in return. Even giving to and helping the homeless has a return on investment. Helping those in need gives a sense of accomplishment, seeing the smiles on their faces, them thanking you for your kindness, are all ways in which they give back to you. However, do you find yourself in dead-end relationships, jobs, etc. that leave you drained of energy? How do you regenerate your energy? Is it through positive means or more self destructive ones? Do you find yourself drinking, doing drugs, taking your frustrations out on others, etc? Then you definitely need to ask yourself this question and be honest about the answer. It will help you to see your situation and yourself more clearly and make adjustments where necessary.

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