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What do you get when you mix anxiety + excitement and nervousness?

Sleepless nights honey!

Right now I am up worrying about my opening day. I have a thousand questions running through my head….and I have to admit I don’t know all the answers. Will people fall in love with OnClick? How long before “OnClick” becomes a household name? Have we forgotten anything? Where do I find the best delivery drivers? Aaargh…its enough to drive one insane.

Our final goal is to open our doors to the public in October (one year from the founding date). I say “final” because we have missed about 3 deadlines so far…but I’m glad we did though. We want to get this right and not rush through getting the business started.

I also added a few new features to the website. Now merchants have their own link to their store on our site. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that sooner. I named this version of our website is now “OnClick 1.0” and is “released”…thank goodness.

This month I really have to get cracking sending out packets to merchants. My mother just called to give me words of encouragement…those late night calls really help alot.

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