Water Fast: January 2017

Beginning a water fast, my little niece made us (me and my mom) so sick and I knew the only way to heal whatever she gave us was to fast. So here I am, lets see how far I can go.

Day #1 (1/1/17)

  • Went well, very little hunger, no headaches

Day #2 (1/2/17)

  • Went well, had slight hunger late in the evening, had a small bowel movement early in the morning, no headaches

Day #3 (1/3/17)

  • Had a small bowel movement early in the morning, the consistency was solid but when I wiped it was wet and green in color. Extremely tired, stomach growled a few times but not hungry.

Day #4 (1/4/17)

  • Woke up feeling absolutely amazing!! Went walking and had a supernatural experience (see 33 Revisited: The Master Healer) energy was high, not really hunger but I’m aware of my stomach working when I drink water. After I came back from walking, I felt extremely bloated and I wanted to throw up, but what? Air? Then all of a sudden I got really really weak, so much so that I had to lie down because if I would of tried to go back up stairs. It was too much, I stayed down for a few moments and was able to collect myself and I drank some fruit water (juiced some mandarins) and felt better. I also had a dream that my mama didn’t want me there anymore…it was sad, I think I cried in my sleep. I reviewed my past fast and I realize now that these are the days that it plays on your fears to try to get you to stop what you’re doing. I know the game now honey…Im ready. Also when I was asleep I didn’t cough once so the fresh air cured me tremendously! I think this time is helping me to get really in tuned to how everything works spiritually. Excited!

Day #5 (1/5/17)

  • During the wee hours of the morning, my intestines started cramping, digesting and now this morning I had a bowel movement and normal. I was also a bit bloated too with gas and burping. Maybe I swallowed to much air yesterday lol. I also had another dream last night that my mom and I were fighting. I think this fast works on your fears for some reason, perhaps to get you to stop? I dont know but its not going to work. I feel good, no hunger, no crazy dream flashes…yet. Im looking forward to those.
  • The flashes came later in the evening where I close my eyes and immediately go into a dream state and I’m fully conscious that I’m dreaming. I’m going to prepare to start meditating tomorrow

Day #6 (1/6/17)

  • I had an orgasm this morning and it didn’t wreck havoc on my body as I thought it would. Ay contacted me and I just cried, lord that man has no idea how. I’ve I love him, but I don’t want to stand in his way. Also when I woke my throats was a bit sore but it’s not anymore. I guess it was extremely dehydrated. I’m going to rerecord my rituals so I don’t sound so sick on them. Who wants to hear that? I have a bit of bloating but I have no idea why. Will journal again later.
  • Journal Dream and Vision
  • Was a bit agitated with family today, they kept talking and bothering me and my energy was getting low from engaging them. Almost passed out while trying to cook my HelloFresh meals. No I didn’t eat but the food was piling up so I had to make room in the fridge. One thing I did do is taste some peanut sauce on my finger and now it’s given me heartburn…dang.

Day #7 (1/7/17)

  • Still going strong, woke up and took a multivitamin and a B12 for energy and didn’t feel like fainting all day. Nothing out of the ordinary to report…actually when I did my Honors heart meditation when I entered the heart space a pair of eyes appeared in the darkness watching me.

Day #8 (1/8/17)

  • Awoke and had an orgasm…of course I was thinking about Ay. I guess since I haven’t had sex in so long the energy is more apparent this fasting cycle.
  • Introduced unguided meditation today. I did the living meditation and the Miracle Prayer and when I was done I felt so extremely heavy. The meditation itself went beautifully and my visualization is on point with moving energy. Today I’ll do mor research on meditation.
  • Today I learned to just ignore my family when they try to irritate me, it was so freeing. So far they have been my biggest obstacle in this entire fasting process.
  • I also had a huge dream and when I awoke I forgot it all

Day #9 (1/9/17)

  • It’s 12:55 am and I measured my pH levels and it was about a 5. I have to get this back up my body is acidic and that’s not good.
  • Today was rough I was a bit more active today and all of a sudden I got heartburn and had to take baking soda and water. A few hours later I got really bloated and nauseous, I took a bit of chocolate and then some fennel.
  • I had a project to finish so I didn’t get to meditate today

Day #10 (1/10/17)

  • Wow a dream and a message from Gaia…”I see you.”

Day #11-16 (1/11-16/17)

  • I blew my fast on these days and Im starting again. I was getting extremely bloated and I could of had juice or something but I chose to listen to my body and after I blew it everything I ate added to my weight so it lets me know that I dont need even 75% of the food I eat. I could survive on just morsels a day.

Day #1 (1/17/17) 


I completed 30 Days

I just didn't log it after I failed! Ugh I ended up losing a total of over 30lbs...averaging 1lb a day

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