Water Fast: April 2013

Today marks the start of my 3 day fast. I need to get my mind right because I have so much to prepare for. I am only going to drink water and taking my daily vitamins. Right now my entire being feels heavier than normal so I plan on using these 3 days to rid myself of baggage on all levels, meditate and perhaps even draw. “Pack light.” – Erykah Badu

Day #1 Complete of my Water Fast – In day #1 I wasn’t hungry until the middle part of the day and at around 1 AM. That heavy feeling has left and this morning (in Day #2) I had a waking dream which is really odd. My energy level is pretty high but I have to keep brushing my teeth because I am getting this AWFUL taste in my mouth. Other than that I don’t see any reason why I won’t be able to make it to day #3.

Day #2 of Water Fast – I went to go get a box from my trailer and now I am sweating profusely I mean everywhere there can be sweat…its there. I think its because my body doesn’t have fuel from food to burn so it’s burning fat? Its amazing its as if I have been jogging for about an hour and it only took me 5 minutes to go out there and come back…Wow!

Day #2 Complete of my Water Fast – I feel really good strangely enough. I keep having dreams that I have received large sums of money. This is A-OK with me. I woke up this morning thinking my body would be weak but I feel good. No headaches, my body doesn’t stink to high heaven however I do still have an awful taste on my tongue upon waking. On the 4th day I am going to add in some juices for minerals and electrolytes and then I am going to do another 3 days. I also have to be careful to not get into another sweating fit like I did yesterday. I’ll try to pack less strenuously.

Day #3 of Water Fast – After all of this is over I can not WAIT to fix this!

Polynesian Halibut Ceviche
1.5 lbs halibut diced in half-inch cubes
5 lemons juiced (enough to cover fish)
1 coconut milk
¼ c fine diced red onion
¼ c sliced green onion, green parts only
1 large celery stick finely diced (about half a cup)
2 plum tomatoes, quartered, de-seeded and diced
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp freshly squeezed ginger juice
1 tbsp fish sauce
¼ c chopped cilantro

Directions: Dice halibut and cover in lemon juice. Marinade at least 5 hrs, no more than 10. Add remaining ingredients and mix. *Do not use bottled lemon or ginger juice for this recipe. To make ginger juice, simply grate fresh ginger (skin and all) and squeeze juice through cheesecloth, paper towel or your hands!

I’ve decided to make this fast a 30 day one, this feels TOOO good. Im doing things I haven’t done in two years! Im even looking at my seeds trying to figure out which ones to plant, created. Numbers has a fitness journal where you can track your workouts but I added in a measurement tracker as well. I put it in my dropbox and you can download it below (not quite sure how it looks in Excel since Im on a Mac).

Day #4 of Water Fast – I am so surprised that Im not dying lol. This is very strange I’ve been this long without food and I feel good. I still woke up with this bad taste on my tongue but its less than it was. I had a metallic smelling BM on Day #3. Today is the day I am suppose to have juices however I bought V8’s and V8’s are not good for my blood type so I have to go shopping. I’ll probably get dressed and go now, I can’t stand shopping in crowds. The best times to shop in this town….Sunday evening and Friday and Saturday nights.

Day #4 of Water Fast – Its amazing that I feel great! I feel better than when I was eating food. I don’t know if I’ll go for 30 days but I vision going until the taste on my tongue is gone. I need to go to get some vitamins so I can get some minerals in my system but I might be getting that through the water since I opted for spring water (I always drank purified water before.) This is truly astonishing. I decided not to buy the V8…cold turkey baby!

Day #5 of Water Fast – I keep having these…I can’t even call them waking dreams anymore I can close my eyes and immediately start dreaming while Im wide awake. Ain’t that crazy? Its very quite odd I ain’t never had anything like that happen to me before in my life. I had a series of dreams…or should I say a series of realistic…VERY realistic flashes…I don’t remember them but some of them were quite upsetting to me and I remember waking up thinking…maybe I should stop this. I googled “dreams fasting” and other people are talking about experiences the same thing and even quoted from the bible with it saying “Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear”. Now that I think about it, In the past anytime I’ve awakened and closed my eyes I would receive visions that ALWAYS came to past and it was of people I knew or me but now they are just odd realistic type visions…its as if each time I am not here for that while and Im transported to where I am in the vision. So when I open my eyes I’m immediately like where in the world am I? I’ve even had a feeling of floating in which I wake up and feel the bed to make sure I’m not in the air. This is quite an amazing experience, this time I am going to pay more attention to these visions instead of dismissing them because I’m afraid of them. I’m still feeling good and it is a blessing because if someone would of asked me before this I would of figured it be really sick but other than the tongue tasting of chemicals and these transportive type visions everything is great.

Day #6 of Water Fast – I still feel great. Full of energy, body tends to get a bit weak at times but I will it away and it feels like I could run a marathon. Also I failed to mention that in the previous days probably started at around Day #4 and old back injuiry started to act up. My lower back hasn’t bothered me since 2007 now all of a sudden it starts up again. Having read what others have experienced this is common I just didn’t think I had hurt it that bad for my body to now start back to working to heal it again. I’m almost out of stage #2 and entered in stage #3 of fast. I must have been in great shape health wise because I am experiencing very few of the negative affects to fasting such as palid complexion, pimples, boils, etc. YAY! for me I was Vegetarian and raw for over a third of my life so I know that may have something to do with it. I wish for the resources to be that again. Its expensive to be raw…one has to go shopping at least once a week. Also the waking visions have intensified, if I am in a rested state when I close my eyes I am immediately seeing some place else. Makes me question once again…What is real? How do you define real? Enjoy your day Loves!

Day #6 of Water Fast – Noticed a very light brownish discharge and I’m sure this is my period starting 11 days early but I am not sure. Will find out tomorrow.

Day #7 of Water Fast – I was a bit weak in the later part of Day #6. Its the weakest I felt the entire time. I slept for the majority of the day. I stayed hydrated but not sure what is happening. Still pressing on my mind is still ready to go. The jury is out on what my body feels today.

Day #7 of Water Fast -OMG I’ve lost 17lbs in 7 days!! I have to figure out how to slow it down a bit because at this rate ain’t no tellin how I’ll look at day 30…at this rate I would of lost 72lbs on day 30!!!!! I have to do some research to find out how to slow this down.

Day #8 of Water Fast – Figured out the source of my low energy…my cycle. I drank extra fluids to compensate. About to close my eyes and go to sleep…smh…lord I wonder what Im going to see and experience tonight…somebody pray for me lol.

Day #9 of Water Fast – I stopped having those crazy visions. I think this may be because I introduced a multi-vitamin into the mix. Still feeling great even with my cycle which is extremely light. Other than red blotchy spots (no raised bumps just red) on both my shoulders no signs of acne which was expected in Stage #2. It also appears my cycle has ended on Day #3…wow…no cramps and very little else. #sighofrelief

Day #9 of Water Fast (Update) – The rash has spread from my neck to my shoulders down to my neck on both sides. I have to keep pushing forward but I am curious as to what my body is trying to expel through my skin.

Day #10 of Water Fast – YAY! I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! I had no idea that I could or even would. The first 3 days were just for clarity of mind but then I found out that fasting had healing properties and I was all in. So far my energy levels have increased when I was feeling so down and heavy before, my thumb healed which I thought I would carry into old age, my old injuries (I feel) are being worked on now as we speak, my cycle reduced by almost 90%…I could go on and on. This is a journey I recommend everyone take at least once in their lives. I’m a 1/3 of the way there and I would have completely purged my body of all toxins and healed it significantly. YAY Sharron!

Day #10 of Water Fast – Having mild pain in my appendix today. It started yesterday but its not a pain i have not had before, I just haven’t had it recently. I always thought the pain happened because my stomach was too heavy but apparently not. Its all expected according to my research so I have to let my body do what it needs to to get me healthy. I haven’t weighed myself again because Im more focused on my body clearing itself of toxins and getting healthy than anything. I took two Advil and I am about to go back to sleep. The pain is uncomfortable. On the pain scale from 1 to 10…I’d give this a 4.

Day #11 of Water Fast – Mental and emotional clarity is skyrocketing. My body does tend to get weak quite quickly. I’m trying to figure out how to best alleviate that. I bought some OJ just in case I need it on my little adventure today. I’m so excited about today I hope to get to see some of my Mississippi ladies today I haven’t seen them in awhile. I’ll probably check in here tomorrow.

Day #12 of Water Fast – Still going strong enjoyed myself thoroughly last night *big smile*

Day #12 of Water Fast – Tooooooooooooooo funnnny….I just had a dream I was just soooooo busy organizing my moms food over to her house. My brain so cute. I didn’t eat a drop but I was organizing and warming things up and sorting food. I had an oven PACKED with so much food the damn door wouldn’t close…I even had banana pudding in the oven warming it up. I was on the floor on my knees organizing food. lol toooo funny OK I’m going to go off my fast soon but I have to work on a plan to gradually add back natural foods, not even meat, into my life because I don’t want to shock my body and I want it to continue the cleansing process. My mind…not my body now, there’s a different…is like “Please just let us stop this and come on home.” lmao Perhaps do a half and half? Half raw and half water? I don’t know I’ll figure it out.

Day #12 of Water Fast – The rash is spreading over my body now. Almost all over my shoulders down to the top of my breasts and on my tummy even. I really don’t mind it because I know my body is cleansing but I don’t want any scaring. I remember what this is now, its that strange rash that me and Hugh got one year and I had to get that Selelium Sulfide solution for it. I think its Ternia Versicolor but not sure as to why I would break out with this in the first place. The only thing me and Hugh have in common is Storm cooking.

Day #13 of Water Fast – I have decided to add in raw foods on Day #15. For my blood type tomatoes aren’t good for me so I had been trying to figure out how to substitute it and the answer are peppers! A red bell pepper would be ideal because once its blended it can be seasoned to taste like whatever I want it to so red bell peppers are going to be my savior. I am going to eat only raw foods, no juice, just water. I’ll perhaps eat raw at least once a day so my body is accustomed. Still noticing my skin getting clearer and clearer so I am just loving this!

Water Fast Finalized – Didn’t make it to day #15 I went grocery shopping for the 15th day and I was so attracted to this vegan pizza recipe I made it and…smh…pure and utter bliss! I’m proud of myself for having gone this far. I look forward to the next chapter where I am eating nothing but fruits and vegetables. No junk…no unhealthy foods. YAY! ME!

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