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I was about to delete the last two guys I wrote about but decided not too. The Viking inspired me to get back on my health journey and Im rocking the F out of that. The Knight made me realize that my intuition is absolutely FIRE and to trust it EVERY single time.

So after the Knight prayed for my existence, “I Love You” easily flowing from his lips…he chose to not honor the connection. And that’s fine, Im sure my guides had me dodging some bullet but what has me still in bed and crying is how people so easily play around with people emotions and out of hope I let myself believe what their saying. After the Knight came for the goodnight hug, the next day my intuition screamed at me and this morning he finally copped to it. He told me he was no longer on Match, last night I actually paid 49 dollars to prove that was a lie. My intuition told me to go online and check and there he was…active within 24hrs. I knew then he wasn’t genuine. The minute he went back on Match he should of let me know…but nope. My intuition had to tell me. Its funny he asked me did I tell my mom about him…absolutely not sir. When Im 💯 then she’ll know…probably after an engagement, not a second before.

Its so exhausting.

So now Im going to focus on my wellness and business. No distractions, no dating apps. Im a house cat Im definitely not built for this catch and release type dating. In it all, Im thankful.



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