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Two peas in a pod :-)

OK, we’re back together again, me and my best friend in the ENTIRE world lol. And as usual I was at fault but there was no way I could have known he was so sick he couldn’t tell me he couldn’t talk IF he was talking to me. (Sorry but that one just don’t make sense, he know he could of told me during the time he was talking that he couldn’t talk, but I’ll let him have that one lol) But the story was he was sick and when I asked him the reason he said “its u” I immediately thought he meant I was making him sick again so I just decided to leave so I wouldn’t make him sick anymore. This was on the 6/25, on 6/28 I damn near died from pain when my period started, it was so severe I couldn’t talk or walk. And we decided that we both suffered this pain because we were about to walk out of each other’s lives and because we have such a deep connection. He apologized for what he said and so did I.

I love you King. Hey? I’ll be good lol.

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