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Tonight I Cry

Tonight I cry, rivers turned to churning oceans
The perfuse bleeding of such raw deep emotions
The trickle of tears that slide down my face
Each tear dropping, like a sparkling race
Of love and life, and love and laughter

I remember such joy

Tonight I cry, in memory of simple things
Moments that seemed to last through eternity
Ripped apart, shredded into bits of debris

I remember a voice

Tonight I cry, as I stare into perfect eyes
Wandering the empty halls of broken dreams
Surrounded by your fragile sobs caused by pain
As I walk, your tears join mine, creating rain
That form puddles of precious mental images

I remember a smile

Tonight I cry, because I cannot hold you close
As I try and sleep, haunted by the barrenness
Not of my bed, but my damaged beating heart

I remember your face

Tonight I cry, because of I may have lost you
The oh so delicate flower, a gift from above
My will is weak, oh so weak, and yet here I am
Away from you, away from myself- I am removed
With our pictures- that my flowing tears approve


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