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Tiya’s Entry – Day #3

Yes Ay, I’m coming in at Day #3. Better late than never right baby? *smile* I realized after I read your second entry what a unique journey you were embarking on and I had to join you. I never want you to journey alone, if there’s room for me? As your wife? Im always going to be lacing up my shoes to join you. Wherever you are, I am.

Today I allowed you deeper inside, to see the parts that truly needed to be healed, and your response to what you witnessed was so beautiful that it brought tears in my eyes. You spoke life into me when so many had spoken death. You said to me…

A jerk’s words made you a little body-conscious

Made you question what you see…

Sound and touch will reaffirm that you are beautiful and you will fall deeply in love with your body

More than before…

Take away your sense of sight and you will see your body as I see it

When I touch you, tell you and taste you, you will know that your body evokes these expressions.

You will love your body more

And more…

You are more than desired. You will be worshipped

…and I wonder who you see? Who are you looking at? Are you truly speaking these words to me? I even wonder if you’re blind baby *smiling through my tears*

I have to get use to someone Loving me so deeply and so genuinely, so allow me to take you into me and let your words get comfortable reverberating throughout my entire being. Please allow your words to echo within all the dark halls there and as time passes, may your Love light each room within my soul.

I Love you so very much, there just aren’t enough words. Thank you for everything you are to me <3

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