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Time of Peace

Lord I let that man, The Knight, stress me out so bad my blood pressure was sky high today. Tomorrow is a new day and Im just going to act let “he” never even happened and before long I’ll forget his name. Its absolutely amazing how much someone can lie. All the lies “you feel like home”, “you’re the one I prayed for”, “Ive closed my Match account”, “Did you tell your mom about me?”, “You tell people you have a man now”…I mean the love bombing and now gaslighting as if he didn’t say any of it is extraordinary. It doesn’t even make sense to even speak to him anymore so I deleted my messages and just deleted the chat. Enough is enough. He reminded me of Tank, I thought the military history made him different…nope not at all.

Lessons Learned

  1. Don’t mention the man until you’re at least engaged or married
  2. Stop projecting who you are onto these men, it gives them an unfair advantage, most people lie ALOT
  3. Ensure you do a synastry and natal chart
  4. Actions speak louder than words
  5. Background checks, and if you can chat with that ex
  6. Sharron? Enjoy your life

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