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Thy Will Be Done

Its amazing how when one door closes another opens. I had a bad break-up with my ex-fiance and almost immediately a met a beautiful angel that has been TRYING to open my eyes to the Actions of Living. He gave me the quotes in my blog “Rules to Living”. What I love about him is that he gives me room to grow. He doesn’t smother me but strangely enough he is always there when I need him. He says just one word and immediately I readjust my thinking. I am so thankful for him in my life. The 4 rules he introduced me to, they should be enough to transform the lives of all that read it. Having the “Rules to Living” is one thing but actually using them to better or selves is the journey. We can have all the rules in the world but they become just words if we don’t adhere to them.

I had a intense discussion with a friend last night and they said one of the things from the quotes and it made me think of what I had been given earlier. For the longest, I was so worried about losing my way and straying the path but now I realize that everything is a part of divine order. Every bump in the road, every detour is divine order. Free will in my opinion is an illusion. We are one with the Creator. Thy Will Be Done. There is no choice there is just providence. As soon as we learn the lesson, the battle within ourselves ends.

I don’t know if I’ve shared this on my blog before, but its my favorite epiphany.

Forests need the elements in order to regenerate and one of the biggest means of regeneration is fire. There are times when the Creator uses itself naturally to start fires but there are also times when man needs to be involved in that spark. We call the man that comes along and drops a match onto the forest floor a fool but its really all apart of Divine order. The Creator needed that forest fire for rejuvenation and that forest will burn by any means necessary.

There are no mistakes. Everything is as it should be. So we can’t be afraid of branching out or straying from the path because everything is a lesson in living. What we need to learn is to embrace who we are and accept that We are Love, We are Creation. We are Divine.


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