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Thinking of One-Time

I can’t help but to miss him sometimes. I really loved that man. I thought he was perfect for me but it went so horribly wrong. He protected me from the bullshit and for that I’m thankful. I think of him before all the shit hit the fan. We talked about everything, he was my friend.

I check his page to see if he’s changed his profile picture from the one I took of him and he hasn’t. Guess he’s using it to get chicks or something because I couldn’t imagine keeping up a picture he’d taken of me as my profile pic.

I never wrote about what happened…

Well everything was going well we were enjoying each other as much as I could, but I think things changed when I started cleaning his house which was in dire straights to say the least. It even smelled of shit and dog urine.

And from there things went down hill
– He told me I don’t tell him what to do in his house when I asked why he invited Wanda over when we’d agreed no company as the house was a mess
– Came home from getting groceries and I was cooking and I was still hurt by what he said and guess he got tired of trying to make me laugh and he yelled at me and told me he didn’t want me to do shit else for him (I was about to leave for a hotel but he got me to stay)
– He farted in the truck and when I didn’t find it funny he let my arm up in the truck window
– He got mad at me for sleeping on the couch
– He farted (smh) while going down on me and I didn’t respond to him and he got upset and went to work
– He told me I looked nothing like my pictures and that it wasn’t going to work out. He made me cry and I confided in his daughter
– He came home mad cuz he thought I told Wendy he called me fat he screamed an yelled about this being his house and that I said his house looked like shit, etc. (which i never said and he later admitted to saying its how it made him feel) an I went out after him and he drove off on me and told me I needed to leave
– He setup a sting to catch me in a lie and drove off saying “Wendy did you get that” at the hotel…later he finds out I didn’t lie.
– I forgave him and told him to come to me and he showed up 3 hrs late and his reason he thought I was fighting over him with a girl named Tammy
– he called me a psycho when I TRIED to see if I could login with his password onto Facebook (I didn’t even get in cuz I was scared lol)

He just really treated me like a dog and I so didn’t deserve that. I feel as if I was his punching bag for all the bad women had ever done to him. I cooked, cleaned, played with his dogs so they could get exercise, folded his clothes, etc I really was a fool but to my credit I loved him…and still do. :-/

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Jeezus...Looking back? Wow

I really don't know what to say I was so naive I had no business out in the world trying to date ANYONE. I wish someone would of taught me as a girl about men but I had no clue and I was just being my sweet, loving self...smh. Wow what a hard lesson I had to learn on my own.

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