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They Speak Through Them

I am noticing something very odd. It will sound quite crazy but I am noticing that when I’m having a disagreement with someone and it’s hurtful, I have noticed that something seems to step forward and speak to me through them.

Yeah I know. And it could be as simple as I have more clarity to hear these little whispers and it happens to everyone. One incident was so obvious that the person in front of me wasn’t speaking, that he actually said “I don’t know why I said that.” But in that argument, and pain, it was the most profound thing I heard and the pain stopped.

This most recent incident happened where this guy reintroduced himself back into my life and tried to take my money, “something” just would not let it happen and the entire process of him trying to bait me was one of the most helpful experiences I ever had with a human being. He taught me so much and it’s so hard to believe that his goal was to steal money from me and in all that hell (he was verbally abusive too) I was able to find the silver lining.

He taught me the following:

  • Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the solution
  • Life is a sprint, not a marathon
  • Look for so he “Upside” in all your connections with people
  • And through all the hurt he caused, I can not complain because the beauty of his presence superseded everything. God moves through it All, even when you think you are having your most darkest experience, if you listen? God speaks.

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