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The Prototype

He had mastered the art of knowing when I’d be in bed and then he’d appear at my door. This night was no different, and here he was lightly rapping on my door.

I’m not sure how I ever heard the sound of his knocking. It wasn’t audible, least of all while sleeping, but somehow I discerned the sound and rose to greet him. I answered the door and there he stood flashing me this most beautiful smile and in that moment I knew he would have whatever he asked for…yet I didn’t say a word.

We both sit, him across from me, and I on the bed, and I begin to speak, not sure about what, but something must of been troubling me as I remember holding my head down, playing with the fabric of my jersey gown, as I softly uttered each word. As I rambled on, I hear him began to rise. I glance to him and then…”it” happened…the most beautiful gesture I have ever witnessed any Master perform.

He advances, bends down and rests on his knees at my feet. He placed both hands on either side of my hips, looks at me so tenderly and requests, “Please finish.”

I shuddered.

If you were to offer me a handsome sum to recollect what words I spoke after that, I could not reveal them. In that moment, I remember only him, on his knees at my feet, looking into my eyes, working his magic on my being. He didn’t voice a single word but every caress of his hand against my body and every penetrating gaze asked…

“Asherah may I enter?”

As if by magic, his eyes drew me in while his hands explored the fabric of my gown, while lightly, teasingly brushing my bare skin. He was charging me and every electric impulse made my body ache for more. I moaned, and as reticently as he asked, I surrendered…


As if commanded, he moved forward, my legs parted involuntarily, and perhaps as a sign of thankfulness, he honored me by resting his head in my lap. Without forethought, I place my hand on his crown…a blessing before beginning the journey into the most intimate depths of my soul.

He breathed me in and began kissing my thighs despite the barrier of my clothing. He explored the curves of my hips, very intently. He wanted me to remember every action, every intention…and I have.

He wandered ever higher underneath my gown… breathing… seeking… and finding the restrictive barrier of my panties and gently pulling… slowly… deliberately… at first… and then suddenly, hungrily he began removing my panties while pulling me forward to him. He shifted my panties down to my feet and quickly, yet gently, pushed me back unto the bed. As he spread my legs apart and pressed them back into my breasts, I noticed my panties dangling around one of my ankles. Oh he had clearly finalized his intentions, he wanted to taste me…and I needed him to.

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