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The Joy of Wrinkles

wrinkleI had so many moments of reflection this weekend in Atlanta! I was primping myself, getting ready to commune with “Grandmother” and I was able to use a magnifying mirror to look at my face and underneath my eyes I saw very fine little wrinkles and I began to cry.

I wasn’t crying because I was getting older, I wasn’t crying because the wrinkles was there. I was crying because I was so blessed to have them. As I was crying I just laughed through my tears and said “Oh Asherah Amyas are you really crying over wrinkles?” YES! Yes I was actually. Whether its a grey hair or my new found wrinkles, I count it all as a blessing. When I was a little girl I never imagined I would live to be 18! I actually couldn’t even imagine it. I never really thought about myself getting older all I ever lived in is the current moment and just existing, just trying to make it through any given day. And here I am 36 years on this planet and Im blessed to have wrinkles? Its a major blessing in my little mind. I may forget my age, as I have done a few times, but never will I lie about it. I put in WORK honey to get where I am and to deny myself any year or any experience is doing myself an injustice.

Life is so fragile and yet such a profound experience and I am blessed to have lived as long as I have, anything else is just icing on the cake. So never see your greys or wrinkles as an indication of how long you have left, look at them as an indication of how long you have lived. Be beautiful, be blessed <3

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