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The Acquittal

My heart goes out to all who have hurt or are hurting after hearing the verdict of the Zimmerman trial.

All please find solace in knowing Trayvon is One with the Creator now. If the verdict of the trial moved you for change, how will you let yourself be used by the Creator? How will you use all this energy that you are building up towards universal justice?

I understand how one might feel to watch someone who may have caused suffering to go free and not suffer at all. However, our feelings about Zimmerman are of no consequence, whatever lessons or experiences he needs to receive, he will. I think (not feel)  that someone will murder him in anger. However, what will Zimmerman’s murder change? For that matter, what will change with him in jail? Awwwh, We’d feel better about the death of Trayvon; however, how are we feeling better about his death along with countless other black men being locked up and killed every day?

Our men are dying and being locked up on massive levels. I say again from the deepest part of my soul.

Stop. Close your eyes and say to yourself to All of us.


Our fathers, brothers, uncles, lovers and friends are being lost to us senselessly, everyday. How should I best be used?


Trayvon is no victim. He’s too powerful to be labeled such. Trayvon is a god of change. Many have died before him and have not or will never be felt on such a mass scale as he is being felt by us now. Feel the power in that…in him. If we only look at the manner of Trayvon’s death then I feel we are missing his message. I feel this to be true in every single part of my entire being.

RIP Trayvon.

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