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Tantra Spirituality: What is orgasm?

What is orgasm?

Orgasm is a state where your body is no longer felt as matter; it vibrates like energy, electricity.
It vibrates so deeply, from the very foundation, that you completely forget that it is a material thing. It becomes an electric phenomenon.

Now physicists say that there is no matter, that all matter is only appearance; deep down, that which exists is electricity, not matter.

In orgasm, you come to this deepest layer of your body where matter no longer exists, just energy waves; you become a dancing energy, vibrating. There are no longer any boundaries to you – pulsating, but no longer substantial. And your beloved also pulsates.

Now, sexual orgasm needs time – the longer, the better; because then it will go deeper into your being, into your mind, into your soul.

Then it will spread from the toe to the head . . . every fiber of your being will be throbbing with it. Your whole body will become an orchestra and it will come to a crescendo.

But if you are in a hurry the orgasm becomes just an ejaculation, it is no more an orgasm. It is local and very tiny, almost meaningless. In fact you will feel tired, frustrated, depressed after it, because the energy is lost and it has not given you a bath, so it was just meaningless.

You remain the old – a little more tired, of course, with less energy of course, but you remain the same. It has not been a cleansing process, it has not thrilled you from corner to corner, from end to end.

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