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Take A Picture In the Snow!

…thats what my mom asked me to do one day. My mental state then? It was almost offensive to me to have me go out in the cold to take a picture. I couldn’t even imagine myself going out there. Something shifted in me today, not only did I take the picture in the snow, I played in it, went for a walk in it, walked off the path into the deep snow, kicked up my feet and really enjoyed myself.

Wow, its amazing when I’m in the darkness its as if I forget what Light is. I had absolutely NO concept of how fun it would be to go outside in the snow and go for a walk, all I could see was the parking lot, not thinking at the time, in the darkness, that there is a whole entire world out there to explore in the snow.

Wow. Another thing though lol Im fasting and this is Day #4 and honey? That veil getting thin honey lol while I was driving through an intersection I saw a WHOLE entire truck out of the corner of my barreling down the street, about to run the light. I didn’t panic but my heart drop and I calmly face what was to come…all my imagination. Yeah honey fasting have you high as a KITE, so no operating heavy machinery during my fast. If I need to do something Ill just call an Uber…cant take any chances.

Today was fun, it was my last day of PTO and I wanted to do something else special and this hit the spot. I made my own day…thank you Sharron.

PS: I never bought myself a winter coat, but decided to do so before I moved to Colorado…smart decision. I bought a big heavy winter coat, probably need a cute leather one too, and two pairs of winter boats. They were all critical in making this day possible!

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