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Stuck on My Body

Last night I dreamed I died. Not sure how because I entered the dream in this state. For the longest time I was attached to my body I stuck around making sure my body was cremated and not buried. I watched others like me, men, women and children just walking around living it completely up, having dinner, taking photos, laughing and joking around all connected to their bodies. But for some reason I knew I had died and I was set on getting this body burned and moving on so I sought out many places asking for help but when I got to those places they couldn’t see/help me. I’m not sure what happened but at once I was outside myself watching myself and my body was seated in the lotus position meditating and I watched my body dissipate and my soul scatter to the four winds.

I find this quite interesting because once I left my body how was I able to watch my spirit pass on? If I was watching myself meditate (mind) and I watch both my spirit (soul) and body dissipate, what was I at that time?

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