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Stay Focused, Stay the Course

My baby has risen!!!

I have been without my Mac for over two months and today it’s back. It went out the MOMENT I accepted Tank back into my life and I just felt it was my ancestors getting pissed off at me for going back to him…but that sounds crazy right? So as I’ve stated in previous entries I had to let ALL my male friends go, potentials, exes and all, they had to go because as long as I was in communication with them my focus was going to be on them. Letting my “Sweetest Thing” go was the hardest, however he also had to go too…it’s about me and my desires now. I’m not playing second fiddle again to a damn soul. And guess what…

The very next day after I said my final goodbyes I got my Mac back running!! I had tried everything, even Apple said it was a hardware issue and it was a total loss, called computer repair geniuses and they told me it would cost thousands of dollars to fix it. A sista had NO options and just like that I put my focus on it and my baby is back, almost in the same running condition as before. I’m so thankful and amazed I have no words. This was NOT suppose to happen but it did.

Master Gibson told us to watch for miracles and then we’d know we were on the right path and this is definitely a miracle. It’s bittersweet I had to leave my men but honey I need a man now like I need a hole in the head. I am focused on my business and minding it properly.

My baby back!!!!!! How a brother gone compete with these 17 inches baby lol!?


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