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This morning I can only say I was pulled out of my sleep. The energy is so strong that as I write this Im still shaking inside. If I can describe what I feel, its as if I have been drinking perhaps ten (10) cups of coffee with no chaser. Or better yet, it feels as if I’m about to fight. The energy is flowing through me so strong that its almost unbearable.

Every single word that I heard this morning, helped to catapult me out of bed.

We. can. not. (my eyes opened) continue. to. stand. by. (pulled back the covers) while. our. men. are. killed. in. the. streets. (sat up) and. locked. away. in. jails. (put legs on the floor and I got up)

Who needs an alarm clock with a message like that? As I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I could barely move. All I kept saying is “OK, I’ll write it. I’ll write it.” The energy running through my veins is so strong I am physically weak. It feels as if my muscles are about to give out on me.

I know I’m protected, I have no fears, but I feel this is one of many experiences I am going to have on this journey…It’s time to open up.

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