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Southern Carmel Cake – The Saga

Im good at whipping up struggle meals on the fly but when it comes to baking, thats a whole different story. Baking requires precision and Im not very precise when it comes to cooking so here is my caramel cake with burned caramel icing journey lol

First Draft

This is my first try at making the cake. As you can see it sunk because what did I do? Decide I wanted to also make cupcakes on the bottom rack while the cake was cooking. Big mistake! The oven didn't get hot enough and it didn't rise.

Yet Its So Moist

This cake was so very moist and delicious! It doesn't look like much but I will say it may be the best cake I ever had.

Can’t Find My Image

I remade this cake and it was so beautiful but I can't find the newer cake. The stock art can't even compare to how fluffy that cake was so I wont even include it. Believe me I remade it and it was bomb!

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