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Size Does NOT Matter

From Mistress Asherah,

#Masters? It truly is not the size of your phallus that matters. More important is your applied knowledge of pleasing the female form. Did you know a smaller member has a more accurate shot at hitting your Mistress’ G-Spot compared to a larger one? And with a smaller member, you can enter her fully way inside of your #Mistress and still reach her #GSpot. A larger phallus has to stick to just the head and most men don’t enjoy this. And if you’re in doubt your fingers are a wonderful tool. I personally have had a #squirting #orgasm with a two inch dildo.

And most importantly is intent, if you set your intention on pleasing her and not focus on your performance you’ll master her in no time.

Don’t be intimidated, learn your Mistress’ body better than she can and become a living sexual god.

Watch this video to find out more

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