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Shut Up! No “Great Depression” is “coming”…

…its you bringing yourself to a “Great Depression”!

Right now… If you are talking about a “Great Depression” is coming, and scaring yourself and others who will listen to you into your gloom & doom reality, I want you to shut the fuck up (yes I said it LOL) and listen for once.

I recently quit my job where I was making close to 6 figures to now having a -$450 balance in my checking account with no home of my own. If I let the world dictate to me how things “should” be I would be on the corner in provocative ragged, dingy, clothes with an old cardboard sign that says “Blow Jobs $0.10”. You know what keeps me going? Knowing first that this is a choice I made and two knowing that my future is so bright I have to wear shades.

Now, I have the unique advantage of seeing both sides of the coin. I see my “wealthy” former co-workers not having a care in the world and I see my “poor” family and friends worrying everyday about making ends meet and the affect the “Great Depression” that is coming their way will have on them. What’s the difference between the two sides? Their thoughts! My “wealthy” friends aren’t sitting around thinking about gloom and doom and my “poor” friends are worried every day about NOT having enough money. Each group is choosing to create their own reality and I must say that both sides are some of the best creators I’ve witnessed! So would I label myself as “poor” or impoverished? Nope and I have MUCH less than my friends who will happily tell you they are “poor”. I just say that my money hasn’t caught up with my future yet lol!

We are not in a depression…its an illusion. Behind every high gas price and ridiculous grocery bill, there is a human person who has the final say so in how things will go for all the people who think they have no power. Since you have no power, so you say, you allow this person, lets call him…hmmmmm… “The Man” lol, to take charge of your financial future and rob you blind before you even start.

I know what you’re thinking, no one wants to hear this right brain approach to changing your life. Blah Blah blah! “I don’t believe that I can think my way into a happy successful future.” Thinking like that you wont lol but I’ll flatter you, OK left brainers let me hit you with some mathematics then…the price of oil.

The set price for oil is $105.39 per barrel. An oil barrel contains 42 US gallons. One gallon of gasoline has a price of $2.51. Gas station owners charge the people $3.61 per gallon for gas giving them a +$1.10 or 30% profit of one gallon. Not too bad but there is so much more to this picture…

Shiiiiit! lol Gas station “franchise” owners can’t buy parts of an ocean with just a 30% profit. Hmmmmm So what are the people missing. What could generate such a profit that would make me so much money that I could buy parts of the ocean so that I could drill for more…

First the gas station owner isn’t setting the price, his 30% is normal. He’s a business owner. Its the franchise owners (ie Exxon, Mobile, Chevron) that call the shots and we are just “suckling at the power teet”! Second, We are NOT filling our gas tanks up with crude oil, but gasoline, a by-product of crude oil. Through the refinery process that barrel of oil generates, gasoline, jet fuel, gas, lubricants, kerosene, etc. The biggest misconception is when we assume 1 barrel of oil is equivalent to 42 gallons of gasoline. One barrel of oil may have a price of $105.39 per barrel but it can generate (assuming a 30% profit on all oil by-products)…

(drum roll please)

at LEAST 330% in profits or $37,940 in profits! Now THATS how you become a trillionaire…You turn water into wine!

And the people…smh. We don’t have a clue. We think that (violins playing) that prices are going up so the regular folks have to go up on their prices just to make ends meet. (violin comes to a screeching halt)

Wake up! The only person hurting for money…are the people hurting for money lol. The people that aren’t worried about it have more than they need. And I’m saying this to you even with my situation, I am not worried in the least about my financial future, never have been, and I always have more than what I have ever needed…even now! I won’t even get into the banks charging people 32.00 overdrafts for a 0.50 cent piece of candy LOL.  

And the trillionaires, if prices go up (if “prices” do go up on their end you best believe they got a new state of the art oil rig or something else to make it go up) , they have a choice, they can alleviate some of the stress from the average person and keep their costs the same or they can be greedy and want more…and thats what most of them or doing. Wanting more and more and more…and they are getting just that. Hey! They have that right since the majority of people are giving up their power to them and it does not have to be that way.

We are abundant beyond belief, we really are. The only person that controls the success of your future is you. If you believe a “Great Depression” is coming then it will…but ONLY for the people that believe the same thing. The other people, we are protected by our own visions of success, financially we may not have much RIGHT NOW but still we know that we control what will be our outcome, not “The Man”. Take back your personal power! Don’t give in to what the majority of people are falling prey to…being a helpless American that things always happen to. Stop it right now!

Not sure where to begin? Start right here at JuJuMama (I’m their biggest fan lol). Sign up for a system Cn365 or Cn28 and begin to take back what you so willing give away…your personal power.

Much success!

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