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Scared Away My Traveling Companion

I had a dream last night. I dont remember the details but I remember floating around in the astral/dream with some one being having fun, it was all Love. Some how I detoured and got back into my body and then I woke up consciously immediately in a state of sleep paralysis and the spirit, my traveling companion, was still there hugging me. I didn’t remember much of the dream but I understood why the spirit was still there hugging. I finished the hugging and thought it would leave but it didn’t and it got behind me, hugging me and seeing (through my eye lids) the shadow figure’s arm and hands holding me was too much and I fought all I could to break my paralysis and I woke up physically screaming.

The being was only showing me love and I dont know why I slipped back into my body at that moment but I wished I could of came back out or better yet let them know that I wanted to be alone peacefully instead of freaking out and possibly hurting or scaring them away. I just want control over it. I have astral traveled before but I wouldnt let myself go anymore than a few feet in front of myself. I think I just dont like not knowing what to do in case of emergencies. Or perhaps I need to just learn to let go.

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