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Releasing Demigods #1: “Men are Dogs”

black-church-people-5111At one point in almost every woman’s life, we either have said or heard the words spoken…”Men are Dogs”. If we are uttering these words, giving testimony as we shake our heads up and down, humming “Mmmmmmm Hmmmmm” as we hear our  sisters say these words so vehemently, are we not giving energy to and creating the VERY thing we do not want to be true? We have breathed life into these words, for centuries, let me repeat that, for centuries. We have given this demigod energy, we have molded and shaped it from the ground, breathed life into it and made it a living breathing entity. It has become a god in a lot of women’s lives. However, is it serving us as faithful as we serve it?

How is this demigod serving us? Does it father our children? Protect us from harm? Pay the bills? WHAT, if anything does it do for us? So I ask, searching the deepest part of ourselves, why do we serve it so faithfully? What world are we creating for us All, if we hold within ourselves, no matter how small, no matter how weak the thought, that our men, brothers, fathers, uncles are dogs? What world are we creating for our children when they are one half of what we label as being “dogs”, “no good”, “liars” and “manipulators”? How is serving this demigod connecting us?

Men are not dogs. Almost every person has become a product of their experiences here on this planet or dimension. We become what we give energy to. We become our past hurts and pains…the wounded become wounders. We serve and worship our experiences. Many of us, no matter how much we “praise His name” or how much we pay tithes, have YET to serve God, the One, the Connection. We say we are One or we serve only one God but in actuality we serve many and most of them govern our lives, our very existence…they even control the very words we speak. Serving these demigods allow us to lose our compassion for others. We begin to live our lives in a manner that ONLY supports the existence and exhalation of the demigods we serve, pray and give energy to.

I am charged with caring for a stray cat that found it’s way to me. I know its been through hell, I could feel it, and it found its way to my door step. When I’d reach out to touch him, initially, he’d hiss at me…ears set back ready to fight. Did I get mad at the cat, call it names for what it’s been through? Did I tell it to get the hell up out of my life? No, I know it had come to me for a reason so I gave it what it needed and loved that cat unconditionally. I didn’t put demands on it, I didn’t ask it for not one thing. I did as the Creator charged me to do. Take Care….whooooa feeling the Spirit here….Take Care of Your Loved One….Take Care of Yourself. So, I Loved that cat, I fed it best I could and just the other day he allowed me to touch him, although it took almost an entire year, he finally let me in.

I showed so much Love and understanding to this cat and so many times I didn’t show it to my own brother. All the compassion, the patience I showed this kitten, I revoked…I REFUSED it from my brother. So many times, I tried to meet his fury. I tried to match his wits. I knew it was only pain speaking, I knew that he had come to me to heal. I was unable to see past my own hurts, my own pains in order to see GOD in my brother. How could I when I had been serving his demigod for as long as I could remember? And the sad part about it? How often do we yell at, abuse and cast out our dogs? smh Lord I hope somebody hear me today.

blkman 006I am at your feet my beautiful brother, I ask your forgiveness, my soul asks for your forgiveness. I can no longer serve a god that severs my connection with you.

Today, August 14, 2013, I release this demigod that will not allow me to see GOD in my brother. I release this demigod to the winds, may not a single person serve it ever again.

As above, so below.

Author's Note

The amount of Love and support shown for this article was much more than I expected. I was even asked to co-host an episode on “The Real Sex Talk Radio” with Mr. Majic Coffee and Lesley (from Love Talk with Lesley). I haven’t listened to the show but being on the show allowed me to conquer my fear of public speaking so I’m proud of myself for that at least. Here is the show in its entirety for your listening pleasure…enjoy.


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