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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #92 Rediscover Who You Are

There isn’t much I don’t know about Love. I am a carefully preserved being, I didn’t have much external influence on my life until MUCH later, so I am like a child in many ways. What I came here for, what I have to share with the world still remains in my heart and every day I fight to keep that message pure. First things first…

We have to unlearn everything we’ve been taught about how a man/woman/child should be.

Eradicate all thoughts you have of what you should be and do, because they do not serve you. They serve the person who wrote it or told you, and they serve a society that thrives in the disfunction of people. Let it go and right now…

Find out who you are, what really makes your heart and mind flourish in peace.

Does it involve being alone with yourself, nature to best hear God? Then great, don’t let anyone down you for finding your greatest peace in being alone. Does it involve partnering with others, solidarity? Then even more wonderful, don’t let anyone make you feel inadequate for desiring human interaction and bonding. You have to set aside time to find out who you truly are. For example, the person who wants the great relationship with the opposite sex, spend some time, hours, days, weeks, months…years or however long it takes, discovering who you are without all the “mind garbage” and what you would like from yourself and the partner(s) in your life. Its ok. We all desire human bonding to some degree, and its ok, its part of your Love language. When you have outlined what you desire from yourself, what do you hope to share with the other person? What do you wish to provide? What are you afraid of not being able to provide? Take time and rebuild yourself. You are pulling back the layers to the real you. Now think outside yourself, what are you willing to give in order to have certain things from your partner? What are you not willing to do give? Ask yourself all the hard questions in order to rebuild who you really are. Find out how you want to show up in this world. Don’t be a product of your environment, let your environment be a product of you.

Searching Within My OWN Heart

follow_your_heart_by_chronophasiaAfter I delete most of my mind garbage, I find that my greatest joy is in spending more time alone with myself and God. I want to live in an environment of peace, lots of nature, forest and streams. A safe haven not far from the hustle and bustle of the world around me. I also want to help others simply by being myself. I want to share what I have when I can. I want to live a free life with no feelings of obligation. The things I do are because they are in my nature to do. I don’t ever want to feel obligated to be anything for anyone that does not also bring me my greatest joy. I simply want the peace to be myself and help others in my journey through life. No one should be forced into a mold that does not bring them their greatest joy as well. Its time I get into the position of simply being.

I’ve searched my heart to find how I truly feel about children…I desire no children of my own, however caring for children and being amongst them I enjoy. They are innocent in the ways of the world and I find it so fascinating to be with someone that close to Source, that close to God and how they respond and react in the world they live in now.

I’ve searched my heart to find how I truly feel about relationships…I want a non-typical, magical relationship, I appreciate being alone more than I do with another. However, if I do find someone who likes to be at peace as much as I do I have found my soul mate. We can share a life of learning and Love together and know that we will be there for each other not out of obligation but because we want to.

I’ve searched my heart to find how I truly feel about myself…I am one of the Divine’s most precious Love. I am always cared and provided for. I am pure with a river of emotions inside of me. Should they be contained? Or transformed into something beautiful to share with the world? Hmmm, I am not best contained so I therefore must learn to channel my emotions into something constructive that all the world can learn from. With an elemental (water) emotional state, the slightest environmental change leads to an immediate response, hot, cold or luke warm, no matter the state I will be affected so easily. To live my best life, I must make a change to learn to channel my emotions into something beautiful. And I feel that channel is through my writing.

I’ve searched my heart to find how I truly feel about life…I have a desire to be apart of everything, have every experience, get into every place. I see how very beautiful life can be if I undo everything I learned about how we should live it.

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