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Reality sets in…

Now the tears are finally coming down. As I was sending the “we broke up” messages to our families and as I’m changing my relationship status back to single, it finally hit me that I had been shut down and out without even a word. And I think if I had not of contacted Ay tonight to console him over the loss of his cousin he probably never would of said a word about it.

I’m so hurt I’m literally shaking. I was tossed out with no consideration and as you’re kicking me out of the house you say from behind the door…let’s be friends. I am heartbroken…I’m heart broken. I started to realize the severity when I was writing the final entry, I thought about the major hurdle we crossed during his growth opportunity and how I responded with so much support, but when mines came to the surface he left me without even a consideration. The same man that promised me the world with his mouth only, told me I wasn’t shit with his actions. I am literally sick to my stomach. I deserved better than that…*tears* I deserve better than that.

I think this is it for me, I can’t go through this again.

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