Ra: My Journey to the Sun and Back – Part I

I just wrote an entry on my blog about overcoming unrequited desires called Love’s Chronicles – Entry #95 – Path of Least Resistance. If I must say so myself, it was quite insightful but up until yesterday I didn’t follow a single word of it. I failed miserably in fact and I’m sure Ra would be more than happy to tell you all how so. You know, I don’t think I’ve officially introduced Ra to you have I? Hmmmm, perhaps I need to do this first, initiate him and my journey with him into these pages.  I’ve been so afraid to write about another man since my last relationship. I had already burned too many pages of my diary. However, now I finally have the courage to add him to my most sacred pages, I finally have the courage to Love him in Light.

But first things first, let’s start at the beginning…

After my relationship ended with Leo, I knew I wasn’t going to be the same. The Love we shared was both innocent and sweet, devastating and cruel…and never meant to be, Leo changed my life majorly, I met him on my birthday and he was born on my fathers. His very introduction into my life was filled with signs of Love and celebration. He could not and would not be ignored. On the vey first night we met, Leo told me he loved me and I knew he meant it. The Love and desire was completely overwhelming. Leo will always be special to me because through him I learned to Love unconditionally, through him I was able to stand on my own. He gave me everything I desired without giving me anything at all. I knew it would be hard for any man to fill the void that Leo left but one man did…Ra.

Ra came into my life on a professional level, while I was still crazy in Love with Leo. A predicament right? The moment Ra smiled at me my heart leapt to him. Business or not, the man was beautiful, a woman would live just for that smile. Ra was funny, charming, intelligent and peaceful…the complete package. However, I did not open myself to Ra initially. Leo completely had my heart and I would not make room for another. I can’t say there was a grandiose story when we were first introduced online, but when we met in person? Honey?!?!…but I digress.

After Leo, I swore off relationships, I’d have no part of it. The only thing I desired was physical intimacy and then get your hat and go home. I had a friend with benefits named Scorpio, he wasn’t the best sexual partner but he was eager to learn. And besides, he wasn’t into oral sex, so I needed a second and I attracted him. A man I call Jody, who thoroughly enjoyed eating my pussy, and I must say he’s quite good at it, came into my life next. There isn’t a time that Jody went down on me that I didn’t cum…and quickly. Jody is one of the best actually and all he wanted was to eat my pussy, he said I deserved it. And with the addition of my candy licker, I had a complete man and neither one of them had my heart…just the way I wanted it. I enjoyed the “man” I created in both these men …for awhile. Soon, I began to realize that I had no connection with either and I stopped letting Jody eat my pussy and Scorpio attend classes. I wanted something, deeper, more profound, intense. So I sent out another call of manifestation. I told God I needed quality dick. I said I would sleep with the next man on sight, I trusted in who’d I’d attract next 100%. I needed my desires to be fulfilled and I didn’t have to wait long.

In walks Ra, again, and almost instantly after I sent up that prayer. He said he had a project I would Love and perhaps he needed to “cum” convince me of how great the project was. Ra had my panties soaked and off mentally in two hours before we started making plans to see each other…

Coming Soon: Ra: My Journey to the Sun and Back – Part II

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