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Pieces of Me

I’ve been conversing with an older gentleman for awhile now, 50+ and I’ve asked him before if he was a preacher…uh yeah. So I have been spoon feeding him pieces of me so he can see who I am and to also not give him too much of myself because I am a handful. So today I had been preparing my blog getting ready to release my erotica entries and I decide to ask him this question…

“What do you think of a woman that writes erotica?”

And he innocently replied, “What’s erotica?”

Oh Wow. He didn’t even know what it was so that made things harder for me, I asked him to google it and call me back. Yes I’m shy, believe it or not. And he wants to hear it from me. Now I’m nervous and I just decide to read him the the definition of “erotica” to him.

He understands…now he wants me to read him something. Ok. I’m even more nervous now.

So I find the most innocent entry I have, my first one and I read it to him. He says he enjoyed it. He even jokingly said he took in everything made mental notes because he wanted to use a few of the “things” I mentioned in the post. He innocently admitted that it aroused him and I apologized. He then asks me why I would apologize and I told him that he’s driving and having a hard-on is a bit inconvenient and he said…”I’m just fine.”.  And then he asks me so innocently…

“So you all really don’t be mad at us? All you all want is attention and affection?” So I can just reach out and everything will be ok?”

And immediately I know that releasing my erotic entries is what I should do. Some men find us quite peculiar but we are very simple. We act out just as a little girl would, for attention. Some of us don’t mean any harm, just hungry for affection and this usually happens when we don’t give it to ourselves FIRST and depend on the men to do it for us. We may try to, some succeed to, restrict who he talks to, where he goes and even who he looks at! It’s all a front, if a man puts it down as to say…

“Woman I am not your child.”

I’m confident that 80% of them would drop the charade. However, that man has to own that energy. Not every man can say that and silence her because if she senses ANY kind of weakness, she may challenge it. Simply put, be who you are. Don’t attempt to be anyone else but and you will attract a woman who resonates with your energy without your having to put on fronts.

So the entry below is what I read him, I’ve shared it before and locked it away. But now I’m opening back up, Scorpio Rising can’t be withheld for long. And opening for good this time and sharing my entries with the public…stay tuned and be sure to subscribe so you can be the first to get notified when my erotic stories are released publicly…Enjoy!

The Entry I Read Him

No Panties
No Panties
“Woman damn. How many times do I have to tell you that I hate when you wear panties to bed?” The sound of his voice startles me from my sleep. I slowly open my eyes and all I can see are the big red numbers glowing from the alarm clock…its too early for this. I shake my head in disbelief Continue Reading

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