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Phoenix Rising…

The phoenix it is calling- a cry of pain
Fiery feathers of forgotten fools
Burning- ever so brightly- a beacon
The phoenix it is calling- the end of a reign

Flames that dance and flicker- watching
Look into the phoenix’s eyes- powerful!
The mythological beast- does it truly exist?
The same could be said for true love…

Suddenly it plunges- down- headed for the ground
Impact! A shattering of a powerful heart
The crater is all that remains- nothing left
Fire dancing all around- laughing- beware!
The phoenix- it has gone to bed- died tonight…

Ashes- all that is left of what once was
Black ashes swirling with soft winds
Punishing those for their sins- beware!
The phoenix- reduced to fragments of its glory…

Wait! Ashes, in the center- a fire burns again
A fusion of intense fury and feelings
The ashes dance with the cold breeze- the fire burns
A cry of joy- a cry of immortal love- so alive!
The beast born again- but never like this

It stretches its wings- embers shed- new life
A bird of old- reborn- wearing its burning crown
A glowing rain of shedding ashes and tears
The phoenix has returned to deal with earthly fears

A new song is sung- melody melts minds
Defying its death- eternal- for all of time
A formula of extensive beauty and passionate brawn
It sings lovingly- a completely different song
The phoenix rises- the birth of a new dawn…


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