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Phantom Sounds and Smells Hmmm

I have this nightmare that I am running from a guy a grew up with named Justin. (And also a guy named Roderick everyone use to pick on while we were in school.) He has turned into a werewolf and is chasing me through a parking lot. He hangs on to my car door as I speed away and falls off. I drive through Foscue Park and come out somewhere else only to be greeted by him again so I run. Then I wake up.

Then I wake up (that was my second nightmare this year, it’s been years since I’ve had em and then I was under duress. I thought I was fine so why am I having them now? ), and I hear a bell ringing. A small one like a dinner or service bell ringing over and over so I get up and check my PC but nothing. I then realize it has to be in my head because there is nothing else in my place that could be ringing like that. (I have also awaken to the smell of chocolate…a STRONG aroma of chocolate.) Then I read this article

Creepy right?

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