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Papi, thank you for showing me what it feels like to truly be loved, cared for and protected by a man for the first time. You were the Love of my dreams…manifested. I always felt there was no reason to ever argue in a relationship…you showed me that was possible. I always felt Love was more than just words…but action as well, you confirmed Love is indeed a verb. There was no need to utter the word “submission” because to experience you? I lie it at your feet without a second thought. I ALWAYS felt safe with you. You taught me to always look a person in the eye when you speak to them, never hold your head down to anyone…fear nothing. You were and are the Love of my dreams and I am honored to have experienced you. I will ALWAYS hold you and your wisdom in the highest regard and I pray that my next partner is as beautiful as you are to me. (smile) My Superman I Love you through all Lifetimes ❤️

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