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Papa Bear’s Passing

Me, Bro and Tony were the first 3 grand kids and I didn’t realize it at the time but my uncle TJ (Thomas James) was only 16 when my dad died so I truly understand NOW why he’d go so hard playing with us. As a child, I thought he was a full grown man playing with us but he was a kid himself and when I tell you the three…yup all three…of us would ride his back until WE got tired honey…he was literally our horsey lol. Sometimes all 3 of us would ride until we got too big and I can hear him fussing “aight now can’t all y’all get up there” lol And he had a way of fussing and fixing his face that tickled us so much. (My brother has this way of fussing that makes you smile, I wonder does he realize he got it from him?) 😊 Wow we’d ride off into the sunset? On his back lol

And we’d wake up and head straight for him again and he did not disappoint. I think of all my uncles, we were closer to him because he was closest to our ages and had the stamina my other uncles, shoot other adults, just couldn’t touch honey lol. He was a kid himself!

Im glad I was able to say goodbye, each time I’d come down he’d just be so happy to see me and we’d kick it out on the porch laughing about old times, even sharing stories about my dad I never knew.

Gone miss this cat…my uncle…Papa Bear. Travel well.

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