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Orgasms in My Sleep

There is nothing more jarring and debilitating than being awakened by your body convulsing from an orgasm in your sleep. The power that I’ve given this man , over my being, is almost unbelievable. Or perhaps its how open I had become, how vulnerable I was with him that’s done this. I don’t know. So you ask, “What did he do this time to cause it?” Just sat beside me. Never spoke but of all the places he could of sat, he chose to sit beside me. I  withstood him for as long as I could, then I inadvertently touched myself to pull up my coat to leave and it happened.

I feel a woman can recognize her full sexual potential by how easy it is for her to orgasm in her sleep. Never once have I had sex with him in my dreams, I truly believe I’d probably die in my sleep. Its not about him,  but the energy between the two of us when we were together. He was FULLY in his masculine element, I in my feminine. I didn’t fear him, but I had submittED to him 100% and respectED him highly. He could look at me and get me to calm down. I can only compare the energy between us to that of static electricity, you can generate a spark without having even directly touched the surface. The energy is so strong and intense that the body ignites almost immediately. I wonder did I ignite such passions in him? Guess I’ll never know.

I have to, *still shaking*, keep my focus and  I will be able to weather this storm. I just look forward to when I will be able to experience the same from a man who actually cares about me and shows me that he does through his actions. I can’t even imagine what that’d would be like, I’d probably just explode the moment I saw him. I know he’s out there, if I’ve come this close (although through lies) I know I can attract the same in a Master who is honest, compassionate, loving, supportive and a protector.

Being around him physically is somewhat easier because I have my guards up, in my dreams? Uh no, you are completely vulnerable and open. I remember once I was asleep and he was awake, and I awoke to him touching my body so intently, so focused on my pleasure. Before I could say, “What are you doing?” I was having an orgasm.  In your dreams, in a relaxed state, you don’t have the same fears and inhibitions as you would when awake. So I DREAM of the day when he can come up in my dreams and nothing happens.

Men be Aware

 Men a woman can ejaculate, have mini orgasms, and keep going and going, but when you give her the Big-O, her ass is going to sleep. Ain’t no round 2, she’s down for the count. From one Big-O, she may orgasm throughout the night in her sleep, its that powerful. I feel the Big-O’s are Spirit’s way to make sure she stays put as to not lose the man’s seed. Her body locks up and she is physically USELESS. You talk about a woman being in a relaxed state? Give her a Big-O first, she’s mush after that. If after sex, you haven’t put her ass to sleep, saw her lose all control of body function or watched her just lose it? She didn’t have a Big-O. If you don’t see her ejaculate or feel her womb quiver uncontrollably, she didn’t even have a mini-orgasm. Know the difference.

Big-O’s are more, hmmmm, spiritual, they happen when the woman has fully submitted herself to that energy and she lets go and takes it all in. Physically strenuous for the man to TRY and give, it happens more with the connection, when that man says ‘I have something to give you and I’m going to give it to you’..he’ll give her one. If its more of, ‘This pussy feels good’ he is too focused on the energy she is giving him and missing the point.

Mini-Orgasms are more animalistic in my opinion. Easy for her to have and doesn’t require much effort on her part, his either. If you’re being sexually stimulated correctly, all the woman has to do is lie back and let it happen. However, if she is focused more on him than her own pleasure, ie putting on a show, then she won’t have one of these either.

Not saying that a woman should not focus on giving her man pleasure but when its time for her to take that D? She needs to let him do his work honey *smile*

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