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On the road again…

Had a dream I was going on a trip of some sort. Don’t remember who just remember me. Went into this store to buy something and there was a man laying under the shelves with boots on. I bought some stuff when leaving out the door the man under the shelves jumps out and tries to kill somebody? me? Don’t think so. An old white lady chops his head off. I bought 10 donuts in an egg carton that were filled with apple and covered with chocolate.

Later on we get off the bus and we stay in different places. My group stays with a crazy white woman. She kills one member of my group. She tries to kill me when I am about to leave and can’t find my stuff (My astrology book , my notebook for school). I kill her by grinding her head off with a sharp knife. I still had my same blue luggage on this trip. We got all my stuff out the house (this was very important) and I told the driver that he better not bring me to such a place again.

Catalyst: I did watch a movie about a crazy ole’ white woman trying to kill anybody that stopped her from being with this man she liked.

Forgot: I had to pick out boxes because someone had eaten out of them already. When I was getting my stuff out the woman house I stole the woman’s fingernail polishes. For a moment, I saw Taska in the woman’s face.

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