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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #91 On Being Beautiful

I was just watching a movie called, “If I Stay” and had the most beautiful epiphany on Love…

I look at people as having keys to our souls. Some keys unlock the best parts of ourselves, others the worse. But there are some that hold the master key. Someone who can bring both the best and worse out in ourselves that ultimately change our life experiences with them as well as with all the other key holders for the best.

Master key holders encourage growth on all levels…we just can’t change the locks.


When I wrote this, almost four years ago, I had no real clue that it would be the doorway to something much more profound. I was really close, but needed to make only a slight modification..

Every single being holds a master key to our souls growth and we decide who we let in.

Spirit worked itself through my Jody and helped to open this latest one. The door Spirit opened through Leo was unconditional Love. Loving a person in such a way that no matter what they may do to hurt you, you still chose to Love. With Leo, it was the first time I chose to let someone that far inside of me. What happened to me and what I experienced, had nothing to do with him but everything to do with how Spirit used him to unlock those sacred parts of me. Unknowingly, he was sent to me and unknowingly he taught me how to Love.

Tonight, as I pulled back the layers of my “Spirit Lessons”, I saw my relationships with the men of my past and present in a completely different light. Every single action they took, no matter how disagreeable it felt at the time, was unlocking some sacred part of me. Each one was making me more and more beautiful. I was so worried about getting “it” right this time and not flipping out when the next Love opportunity came into my life that I failed to realize I had already passed the test in flying colors. Since Leo, I have had men come, and mostly go, and I handled every single event beautifully. Their personal reason’s for leaving? I don’t know and I imagine they don’t quite fully understand themselves. All I know is that each experience is now opening something most sacred inside of me and it could happen with any being, no matter the age, features, height, income, sex or even species. In fact, my Osi, kept my heart open to my Leo. Oh my God, and when he was sure that I had it, he left this world. Wow. *tearing up* Ya see, Love works through All and turning away an opportunity to opened by the Divine is a missed opportunity for soul ascension.

I want for the world to experience what I am experiencing now, but in order to Love the world, we have to become One with it.

One Love

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