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No, What do you need from self!

In this journal I constantly write what I want in a man but what do I need from myself? I took a test @ and it was an eye opener. At my very core, I was neutral w/ my ambition borderline non-existent. I don’t want that from myself. So I need to reinvent myself. First, I will start with who I am now, who I want to be now and a plan on how I should get there.

Traits & Qualities I Don’t Like
1. lazy
2. reactive
3. no ambition
4. speaking ability
5. no will power
6. overweight
7. not healthy

Traits & Qualities I Need
1. proactive
2. ambitious
3. strong will
4. fit & healthy
5. energetic
6. self-confidence
7. be more honest with self

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