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No Panties

“Woman damn. How many times do I have to tell you that I hate when you wear panties to bed?”

The sound of his voice startles me from my sleep. I slowly open my eyes and all I can see are the big red numbers glowing from the alarm clock…its too early for this. I shake my head in disbelief as I come to my senses. I quickly adjust to the reality of what’s happening and I immediately feel an all too familiar probing pressure at my back side. Not again….sigh.

I turn around in the bed to meet his disapproving gaze. After I do so I can now feel his erection on my thigh. It’s early and I am not fazed. “Jeez its 6:00 AM in the morning Tank you can’t possibly be serious? I have so much that needs to be done today can I please get some sleep and we’ll discuss it later ok. Baby I’m sorry, I’m just tired.”

He just stares at me. He releases his glare and turns from me to lie on his back. I can see his erection is still at its peek by the way the comforter has risen significantly at his groin area. I am not fazed. I turn my back to him and get the remaining 30 minutes of sleep before my alarm goes off.

I am gently awakened to my favorite CD, “He and She” by Wynton Marsalis, the song playing, “First Crush”. I yawn and stretch feeling rejuvenated. This song always makes me think of Tank. I stretch and feel for him as I always do. My hand only feels the coldness of the sheets. I open my eyes and turn my head. He isn’t lying next to me. Weird…but OK. I sit up in bed and stretch once again and I look down to admire my body and smile. My breast are still perky, the body banging and the face…flawless. “Not bad for a 40 year old.” I smile at my moment of vanity and get out of bed. My feet touch the floor and I immediately pull them back. Ice cold! Tank must have forgotten to turn on the tile warmer.  I tip-toe over to the closet and grab my slippers and my silk robe. I am wearing only panties and it’s just too cold to be walking around the house half naked. I turn on the heat for the tiles and I call for Tank…no answer. Humph. As I leave our bedroom I turn on the light and make my way downstairs and enter his office. He’s not their either. Humph. He’s probably in the bathroom, I forgot to check. I’ll start the coffee at least.

I walk into the kitchen and turn on the lights. I yawn once again as I reach for the coffee pot I see the note…”I’ll be home late. Don’t wait up.”

I freeze where I stand.

The entire day on site I am completely unconscious of all the happenings around me. I vaguely hear someone say that one of my delivery trucks needs to be repaired. Are they talking to me? Yes. I’m holding the phone but I don’t ever remember picking it up. The only thing I focus on is my Tank and all the things that that note could entail.

“He’s finally fed up with me.” “How could I have taken him for granted for so long?” “Was this morning the last straw?” “Is there anything I can do to fix this?” I’ve never seen a note like that before from him”….

…and damn it I never will. I snap back to reality.

The person on the other line is still yapping on about one of my trucks.

“And I don’t know how long this one will be decommissioned so I suggest that we…”

I stop the woman mid-sentence.

“Listen, its no big deal. I just leased two more trucks this morning for our interstate deliveries. Everything is fine. I am about to leave for the day. If there are any issues that need my immediate attention, please let Sabrina know and she’ll get in contact with me. I have a family emergency.”

stilettosThere is a brief silence and she acknowledges my statement and says goodbye. I place the phone back on its receiver, uncross my legs, slide back in my chair to take off my flats and step into my heels. I stand to my feet and gently pull my skirt down as I reach for my jacket and my bag. I definitely have to fix this. This man is definitely not going anywhere.

I tell Sabrina that I would be on-site tomorrow and to reach me on my cell as usual for emergencies only. She smiles and says that she would and we both wish each other a good day.

I open the door and I realize once again I had forgotten what was most important. Us.

I get home in record time and I put everything down at the foyer but my cell and kick off my heels. I call Tank…the phone goes straight to voice-mail.

He pressed ignore and sent me to voice-mail.

As I hear the woman give me instructions on how to leave a message I begin to feel myself cry…No! No time for that now. I leave a message.

“Hey honey, listen I’m sorry about this morning. Once again I forgot what was important, I forgot about us and I guarantee you that will not happen again. I will be waiting up for you.” I make our signature kissing sound…muah. And hang up the phone. Its 6:38 PM.

I slip into something more comfortable…a t-shirt and shorts and I prepare dinner. I finish dinner late, it’s now 9:12 PM and I don’t bother setting the table for dinner. He’s not coming home. I know he’s not and I slowly feel myself dying inside. I prepare myself a plate, Chicken Parmesan with Asparagus. I fix Tanks plate and leave it in the warmer. I sit down at the table and eat in silence.

How do I fix this?

I begin to cry.

My eyes begin to burn and I immediately get up from the table. I wipe my tears and wash and clear the dishes away. The kitchen clock says 11:30 PM. Only I could cry for over two hours. Silly me.

I walk upstairs, into our bedroom and then into my bath room. I remove my clothes, grab a wash cloth and turn on the shower.

I open the door and step in and close the glass door behind me. I let the water run over my body and I hesitate. This isn’t going to do it. I need to be submerged. I wash off quickly. I need to take a long, hot bath. I turn off the shower, dry off and grab my favorite Westin robe and walk over to the tub that divides our showers and start the water running. I add in my bath salts and my favorite body wash from Victoria’s Secret…Pear Glace. I run to the bed room and return with my Wynton Marsalis CD from my alarm clock. I stop the water and press one of the tiles to insert my CD. I put in my ear plugs and I immediately skip to the last track on the CD “He and She”. I hit the switch to turn on the water jets. I submerge myself and I think of only Him. My love.

Talk to me Marsalis.

As I am being serenaded by Mr. Marsalis’ voice I let the love I have for my husband take over me and my body starts to respond and I begin to touch myself. My imagination runs wild with thoughts of only Him and the last thing I hear Mr. Marsalis say is “A man and a woman are a dangerous thing”.

I submerge myself lower into the tub and I begin to run my hands over my breasts. I feel my nipples…fully erect. I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of my body, the softness and the wetness of me. He taught me that. If a woman could only lose control and free herself of all of her inhibitions she could give herself an orgasm from her own touch. I remember the lesson and decide once again to test its truth. My mind is the artist; my hands are the chisel and my body the clay.

I begin to run my hands down my arms ever so gently…with each touch I leave a trail of goose bumps. I feel my butterflies begin to flutter down there and I moan. I part my legs and the warmth from the water is invigorating. My hands are now running over my breasts. I pinch my nipples between my fingers and I think about how Tank has a way of not sucking my nipples but French kissing them. God that man. Everything he does he does with authority and thoroughness. I pinch my nipples between my fingers a little harder and grab both my breasts commandingly.

woman tubGod!

I run my hands down my stomach and my body is about to explode. I smile…easy girl. This is complete ecstasy. No other man has ever been able to make me feel like I feel now. I remember him. I smell him and I begin to lower my hands to my special place…our special place. I smile. My hands run over the smoothness of my private area…and I arch my back. I love my Brazilian wax, and he does too. When that man goes down on me, there is not one spot that his tongue does not find…there isn’t one place that his tongue has not tasted. I release an audible moan as I think of him and I let my fingers flutter over my clit and I can barely stand it. I need Him. I use my index and middle fingers to press my clit gently and a rush of heat consumes my body and I moan. I need his hands on me. I need his tongue on me. Tonight I just won’t let this do.

I open my eyes and my ears focus on the sound of “First Time” playing. I stand and use my foot to release the water and turn off the jets. The jets stop and the water begins to drain from the tub. I remove my ear plugs and step out. I stand on the bath rug for a minute to step back into reality. I dry off and put on my robe and begin to walk over to the vanity. I look at myself. Simply beautiful but all I see is sadness and frustration.

It wasn’t the panties that upset him. It was what the panties represented; a barrier between him and me. We had promised each other that when we rested at night…nothing would come between us…nothing. And for months I had gone against that promise. Some nights he would work past our obvious barrier. Other nights he wouldn’t bother. This time…he was clearly fed up. Such a simple thing to have such an impact on our relationship. I release my thoughts and untie my robe and begin to put on my body butter. I pick up my watch and I look at the time. Wow 3:30 A.M. and he’s still not home? I can only imagine what he’s up to. No, I can’t let my mind go there. He’ll be home soon. I finish adorning myself and hang up my bath robe. No panties tonight. No barriers between us. I just hope it’s not too late.

I open the double doors to our bedroom and … Oh my God… OK…OK. Calm down don’t over-react. I stare in disbelief at the site of Tank lying in bed…asleep.  OK let’s not blow this. He must be tired so I won’t wake him. I get into bed and pull up the covers. Making sure to turn my back so that I can scoot my behind next to him. He loves that. As I move in closer, I feel him move away. I die inside.

I close my eyes. It’s clearly over. Sleep takes me immediately and I let it.


I awaken to a familiar probing at my backside and my body EXPLODES with heat! Its 3:35 AM. I move my behind into him and his dick is right between my legs attempting to push its way into my pussy. He pushes a little harder and his dick slips right past my opening and now it’s between my legs. Mmmmm, a little slicker than usual. I put my hands between my legs to feel him, umph my baby has such a huge “ego”. I feel the wetness of me on him and I begin to stroke the head of his dick. I lean my head back and he grabs me fully around my waist and begins to kiss, suck and lick my neck and shoulders. He’s so greedy. I’m about to come before this even begins. He moans in my ear and I hear him inhale. He takes me in I can only imagine how good I smell and taste to him. Like pears and strawberries, he always says. I use my arm to grab for him so that he can get on top of me. He looks into my eyes and smiles and I smile back. He kisses me and my body is on the verge of an eruption. I manage to let out “Baby I’m sorry”. He kisses my lips and at the same time begins to press inside of me but once again it slips past my opening, brushes past my clit and…out of range. “Woman” he utters deeply “you smell so fucken’ good”. He frowns and moans into my ear “and damn girl yo’ pussy so wet”. He shakes his head as in disbelief and places his hands on my face and kisses me deeply. As he moves his hands over my lips I open my mouth and he inserts his thumb. I look into his eyes as I begin to suck and tease the object in my mouth. He just looks at me.

He removes his finger from my mouth and buries his face into my neck. I feel his hands run over my breast, down my stomach and immediately to my pussy. He finds my opening and takes two fingers and inserts them inside. He uses his thumb to caress my clit and I moan into his ear and I feel him get even harder beneath me “Fuck girl!” I arch my back and cling to him and he begins to finger me using two fingers and he finds my spot immediately. I can hear the wetness of me as he lifts his finger up and down inside of me. I can’t take this any longer and it’s as if he senses this and he pulls his fingers out of me and begins to rub the wetness over my clit. He looks up from my body and smiles. I say to him, “I can’t take it babe. I have to have you inside of me now.” He ignores me and continues rubbing my clit and begins to work his tongue down to my breasts. Oh my goodness here we go….

He looks into my eyes as he grabs both my breasts with his hands. He leans down and his tongue immediately begins its work. He begins by using his tongue to circle my nipple and then gently brushes it quickly across my nipple and I can see them become more erect. He closes his eyes and takes my breast into his mouth. I can feel the heat and wetness of his tongue as he begins to lick, fondle and explore me. I let out a small scream. “Baby please”. He begins to suck and I completely raise my back from the bed…he laughs and whispers “Damn woman calm yourself”. He releases my breasts and gently pushes me back down and moves down below…I can hardly stand it. He pushes my legs back as far as they can possibly go and he goes to work. I feel his tongue taunting me,  brushing my clit ever so lightly but not making complete contact, sucking my inner thighs, sticking his tongue in and out of my opening.  I squirm around like a child, I can’t take it. And as if hearing my thoughts he takes his fingers and pulls back my skin to expose my clit completely and he immediately begins sucking and slurping.

Oh God! I need his dick inside me…please…baby…please.

As he gently nibbles and sucks on my clit I feel myself on the verge of exploding. He’s groaning…my God…I Love when he get’s into it.


He wants to finish me off…and he begins sucking my clit and releasing, sucking and releasing, slurping, licking, sucking and releasing, over and over he does this…he knows exactly how to unlock my door way and I grab his head and push him down harder and I cum screaming his name…”Oh baby! Oh my baby!…oh my honey”

My King! Oh my God!

“…baby please put Him inside me…baby please…”

he continues sucking my clit and slowly he releases, only his lips on me now, feeling my clit throb against his lips as I orgasm. As he releases me, he flicks his tongue…

“Oooooooh BABY pleeeeeeeease!”

He smiles and slowly moves up to my ear…

“Oh by the way thanks for the show”.

“What show?” I ask, breathing deeply.

Please put Him inside me…baby please stop teasing me.

“That tub scene, you really…”.

“You were watching me the entire time?”.

“Girl Ive been home for hours.”

“So what’s up with that note?”

“Woman you must of forgot I had to go get my sister from the airport. And you know I had to wake you up a little.”

I laugh…he can be such a bastard but I love him so. I begin again “You knew damn well that…” but before I could say another word he’s inside me and my body flushes with heat. I am in…complete rapture. 

This man was made for me.

He pushes in and up, in and out, and immediately hits my spot and I arch my back. His face tenses in ecstasy as his dick is engulfed into my wetness with each stroke. He goes deep. In and out of me. And the sucking, slurping sound my pussy makes as he does, drives me to the edge. I lift my hips to meet him with each stroke.

Damn, it feels so fucking good. 

I want to cry. I want to laugh, scream, I feel as if I’m about to go insane. I can barely stand it. No one has ever owned my body like he has and I believe no one ever will. He continues to stroke my insides all the while looking at me with such intensity. His gaze penetrates and permeates my soul and his eyes ask me questions that only my body will answer. I meet his gaze and then slowly I close my eyes. I feel it, I am on the verge of eruption and he knows it. I feel him quicken his thrusts…in and out…in….and out. My body flushes with heat.

Awwwwwwwwwh baby

My legs begin to quiver. I open my eyes and release a moan of pure euphoria. He watches me and then smiles that smile of his and I let the orgasm take me. Heat begins to course through my body and I release my sweet nectar all over his dick. He pulls out from inside and moves down between my legs. He lifts my hips…I can barely stand what comes next. As I continue to orgasm he begins to suck my clit and then slides his tongue up and down my pussy as to taste every drop of me. He tickles my lips with his tongue and then…he moves up to my clit and begins to suck.

Mmmmmmm, my God. Baby please I can’t take it.

He looks down at me and says in such a deep tone that it almost makes me cum again. He knows the sound of his voice drives me crazy.  “I want you to cum again for me. Mmmmmmmmm….baby, you taste so good”. He smiles and lowers his head and begins to suck and play with my clit with his tongue.

Mmmmmmmm baby please.

As he continues sucking and licking my clit,  he pushes one…no two of his fingers inside me and begins to massage my spot again. In……and out. Sucking…slurping…tasting…and teasing. That’s it. I am about to explode and this time my body just can’t take it and I scream.

Oooooooooooooooh babbbby

As I cum he licks and sucks every bit of me…of my sweet nectar he calls it. I continue to moan in ecstasy as he raises his head and smiles, sits up, turns me around and begins to hit it from the back…my favorite position…


from the back

The End

Imagery from AfroErotik

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