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No More Trying to Convince You I’m Not Crazy

I have had quite a few supernatural experiences throughout my life and I’ve always been hesitant to share my experience for fear of being judged because I myself was perhaps one of the biggest skeptics in this country, even to myself, and now that I’m experiencing first hand that it’s all real I find myself providing as much proof as humanly possible to make people believe me…to assure people I’m not “crazy”.

Today that stops. I forgive myself for all the times I thought someone was crazy or lying about their experiences. Although I never expressed to anyone how I felt verbally, I still have carried that guilt around for not trusting my fellow travelers on this journey. From here on out, I will state my truth, I don’t care how crazy it sounds and make no convincing arguments about it.

My experience, your experience doesn’t need anyone’s seal of approval.
Travel well family.

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