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Lesson Learned: Never Let Them See You Coming

Learned a lesson from my last challenge on Duolingo.

Never let them see you coming.

Don’t make them nervous, be humble, stay in the trenches and at the last minute go for the kill.

I made a mistake and alerted Julia when I surpassed her. She thinks I’m competing with her…when I’m actually going for Aldi who is just blissfully unaware we both are getting closer to her 10K. I started in the 1Ks yesterday the lowest 7K.

Let’s see how this goes…

Follow-Up: IT WORKED!! Everything they say about never announcing your plans and intentions is 100% true because it just does something to people to compete instinctively, or shoot, sabatoge in some cases. The last time when the girl who taught me the lesson knew I was competing our crazy butts made it into the 59K range which is insane.

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